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Private Facebook Group

what you get:

  • ONLY for CONFIDENT-U & FOCUSED-U graduates

  • Private Facebook Community Access

  • Group Support, Accountability & Connection

  • Answers to any ongoing questions

  • More in depth info than what I share on Instagram

  • Discounts for members on macro recalculations as needed



Please note this is a 4 month commitment. After you register, we will have a zoom call where we do a complete rundown of your food and dieting history, your weight history, and your goals, before I write a custom program for you, tailored to your needs, your goals, and your capabilities. There are no cookie cutter programs 'round here fren!

we'll chat about things that have nothing to do with macros sometimes, but out overall health!


I remember feeling SO ALONE on my weight loss journey. Like I was the only one struggling, the only one who couldn't figure it out, and the only one who struggled to stay consistent. That is in the past, and I want to make sure you never feel that way. Here's the link to register if you want to have consistent support, connection, inspiration and deeper motivation. Sure, I share a little something everyday on Instagram, but if you want to maintain a deeper connection, still be able to get your individual questions answered, and keep your head in the game... then I want you to join us in CONSISTENT-U.

If you are a lone wolf... this isn't for you. But if you crave the connection, the community, the support... then this is where you want to be.

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