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You're hungry. It's eating time for sure... but you don't know what the fuck to eat to get you closer to your goals. Come join me on July 2nd for my Masterclass. You will leave knowing EXACTLY what to eat without having to go through all that self doubt and confusion.

Masterclass link will be sent out the morning of the class. It will be hosted on zoom, I can't wait to see your face there!


One of the things I hear often from ladies is that they want to lose weight, but they feel so confused about what to eat, and how much of it. They feel scared that trying to lose weight means giving up ALL their favorite foods so they quit before they even start. I felt compelled to create CONFIDENT-U, my 6 week group coaching experience working up close & personal with me, so that I can show you that it IS possible to lose weight while STILL eating your favorite foods.  This is the ultimate solution because it breaks down so many of the myths and confusion we hold around food, and will kickstart your weight loss journey all within 6 weeks.


What most people miss is that they think they need to do a quick fix, detox diet, or cut out all their favorite foods in order to lose weight. But we all know that that doesn’t work in the long run. We all think we have the discipline to stick to a restrictive juice fast diet, but 2 weeks in…. You’ll be going head first into that bag of chips! Maybe in the past you felt overwhelmed by the program you were following or the thought of a new diet. In CONFIDENT-U you’re going to follow my 4MFormula which is a simple guide that will teach you everything you need to know so you can start losing weight immediately, get confident in your food choices, get confident in your body.


I want you to join CONFIDENT-U. 

Joining the waitlist will give you early bird access, before registration opens to the public, and also includes 2 bonus downloads (a $60 value!) that are NOT included for purchasers that didn't join the waitlist! Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or DM me on Instagram. 

Looking forward to seeing you in the group!



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