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real talk... let's start your life changing weight loss journey

Are you a woman who wants to FINALLY lose weight, but you've tried ALL the fad diets and failed... and you just want to EAT SOME DAMN RICE & BREAD and still LOSE THE WEIGHT?!


I work with women of color, teaching you how to lose weight while still eating the cultural foods you love. I guarantee you'll lose the weight, step away from that quick fix bullshit & repair your relationship with food. Apply now if you're ready to put in the work & make a commitment to yourself.

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1:1 coaching (5 months minimum)

If you've ever felt trapped by the yo-yo diets and confused about how to eat for sustainable weight loss, I help you cut through the bullshit and learn what foods your body really needs. 

I will strategize an individual plan for you, we will connect on a weekly basis to check your progress and I will support you through your unique struggles. Maybe you're someone who has always self-identified as overweight... and you're ready to move past that narrative. Maybe you find yourself in that "go hard or go home" mentality, exercising 5-7 days a week, eating "clean" or not exercising at all, and going head first into pizza and chips on a daily basis... I've been in both of these situations. and in order to get in front of it... I had to take a step back. I needed to re-evaluate my relationship with food, really become aware of my intake and how it made me feel. I had to put in the work to get to the other side. Let me guide you on that journey and help you do the work.

what you get:

  • Custom program tailored to your personal goals (weight loss, weight gain, maintaining previous weight loss).

  • Weekly updates for progression

  • I'll take you through my proven 4MFormula to teach you sustainable eating habits

  • Custom Macros (if Macro tracking is the right tactic for you!)

  • My Nutrition Guide Download, to keep for future reference

  • Specific behavior change tips & progression suggestions

  • Once weekly email check-in (includes thorough metric & biofeedback tracking)

  • Regular text communication & support

  • Bi-Weekly Zoom calls

  • Answers to your questions, support for your concerns

  • Progress Tracking (via photos, measurements, weight, biofeedback, emotional response etc.)

  • Accountability, Guidance & maybe a little cheerleading!



Please note this is a 5 month commitment. After you register, we will have a zoom call where we do a complete rundown of your food and dieting history, your weight history, and your goals, before I write a custom program for you, tailored to your needs, your goals, and your capabilities. There are no cookie cutter programs 'round here fren!

Want to just say hi first? Book a free 15 minute discovery call below. This isn't a coaching call. It's a call for us to say hi and for me to see if I can help you. I won't be answering specific dieting questions or giving you an individualized strategy on this call.

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