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FREE Masterclass July 2, 2022 @ 7:00 pm DUBAI time (11:00 am EST)


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One of the things I hear often from ladies is that they want to lose weight, but they feel so confused about what to eat, and how much of it. They feel scared that trying to lose weight means giving up ALL their favorite foods so they quit before they even start. I felt compelled to create my "What should I eat?" Masterclass, so that I can show you that it IS possible to lose weight while STILL eating your favorite foods.  This is the ultimate solution because it breaks down so many of the myths and confusion we hold around food, and will kickstart your weight loss journey.


What most people miss is that they think they need to do a quick fix, detox diet, or cut out all their favorite foods in order to lose weight. But we all know that that doesn’t work in the long run. We all think we have the discipline to stick to a restrictive juice fast diet, but 2 weeks in…. You’ll be going head first into that bag of chips!

Joining the masterclass will give you all the tools you need to confidently figure out what the best (and also most delicious!) choices are for your meals, as well as give you an opportunity to see what it's like to work with me! Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or DM me on Instagram. 

Looking forward to seeing you in the class!




what you'll get



  • Custom Macro Calculation (tailored to YOU specifically) so you know exactly what to eat on a daily basis while still including the food you love and look forward to every day so you can feel satisfied, never deprived, and stop struggling with massive cravings. ($150 value)

  • Weekly 45 minute LIVE Workshops over the 6 weeks (+15 min Q&A) where I'll teach you a strategic topic each week, so you'll learn everything you need to know for weight loss and sustainable nutrition. You'll have the opportunity to share how things are going with me each week, so we can troubleshoot and I can strategically support you as needed. All calls will be recorded & shared within 24 hours and questions answered in the group after. ($600 value)

  • How to Track your Food & Recipes Tutorial for manageable meal prep (I like to call it lazy man's meal prep!) that you can do no matter how busy you are! I want to show you how to make this work for YOUR life! ($100 value)

  • A comprehensive Food Shopping Guide/List so you never have to guess what to buy at the supermarket and can easily swap my suggestions for your favorites ($50 value)

  • Special Guest Speaker! I'm bringing in a guest expert to chat all about strength training and its benefits, and to share the most effective exercises you should be doing while macro counting. I'm so excited you will get to hear from other incredible experts! (July 2022 Round- The Benefits of Strength Training!) ($150 value)

  • Access to Private Facebook group for ongoing group accountability, support and to help you stay the course while cheering each other on towards similar goals- the community is where the magic happens!

  • a Habit Tracker Calendar with progress & goal tracking to mark your goals, which makes sticking to the program even easier and starts you on the path to making this true and forever lifestyle change! ($50 value)

*That's $1050 value being offered at a fraction of the price*

This group coaching program is offered at a significant savings to you in comparison to the cost of 1:1 coaching with me! 1:1 coaching clocks in at a value of $87.50 per week! This is more than 50% off that cost. If you've ever wanted to do 1:1 coaching with me but were unable to manage the price point, then this is a great opportunity to be able to work with a coach, get the accountability & information you need, in a group setting at a great value.

$FREE ninety nine


*value calculated based on comparison cost of group coaching workshops, strategy calls & 1:1 coaching.

If you're ready to get off the diet hamster wheel and start feeling confident about your food choices, then you're in the right place. Let me teach you how to lose weight eating the foods you love, without having to say no to your traditional cultural foods. I will give you the tools to build a plate that gets you to your unique goals & removes the stress in your life where your weight is concerned.

'CONFIDENT-U' is my 6 wk. Group Coaching Program where I take you through my proven 4MFormula to learn mindfulness around food so you can stop stressing about what to eat and what effect it will have on your waistline. Using my proven system, I've taught 230+ women how to improve their eating habits and to be confident in their choices. Are you ready to join them?

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see what past members had to say:

when is it?

July 2, 2022 @ 7:00 pm DUBAI, 11:00 am EST

where is it?

This will be a ZOOM Masterclass. The link to the masterclass will be emailed to you the morning of, and then the recording will be made available for a few days afterwards.

who is this for?

This is for you if you've ever tried to lose weight but got stuck missing all your favorite foods. If you feel uncomfortable in your body and want to lose weight but don't know where to start. If you have dieted before, but can't picture yourself living off slim fast shakes or meal replacements for the rest of your life to maintain the weight lost. If you want to learn how to lose weight but STILL include the food you love, and learn how to keep it off FOR GOOD... then this is for you!


You will finally have a clearer picture of what to eat to help you reach your goals, no matter what those goals are! Weight loss, weight gain, or simply to maintain your current, happy weight.

who is this NOT for?

If you already have a great grasp on what to eat on a daily basis to reach your body goals, then you don't need this class! But if you're feeling confused and find yourself saying "ahhh, fuck it!" and just eating cheese sometimes... or a patty... then this is for you,

how long will it be?

This Masterclass will be approximately 60 minutes, with 15-20 minutes at the end for Q&A.

Join this masterclass so I can help you figure out what the fuck to eat... to get closer to your goals!
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is this masterclass right for you?

This FREE Masterclass is for you if:

  • You are scared that dieting means giving up your favorite foods

  • You are confused by all the nutrition rules, juice cleanses and fad diets out there

  • If you want to be able to eat your Jamaican/ cultural food & still lose weight

  • You want to learn how to lose weight without constantly feeling like you are starving.

  • You want to wake up and easily know what to choose for breakfast, lunch or dinner 

  • If you want to be able to select a meal on the fly, without worrying too much about it

hi, i'm camille...

     Cams if we’re close! I’m a slightly awkward but VERY cool 38 year old (do the kids still say cool?) I was born & raised in Jamaica with my 2 older siblings (I’m a wash belly, which is a Jamaican term for the last baby that I don’t fully understand.) I studied in South Florida for many years & travelled all over (I’m an explorer!) before settling in the UAE, where I’ve lived for 6 yrs. I’ve been happily married for a decade & we have the sweetest 8 year old daughter, who you’ll see mentioned as “my shadow”, as she is ever present & loves being included in everything I do!

     At various times in life, I struggled to keep the weight off & tried all the fad diets. But after finding the science of macros & the sustainability of flexible dieting, I lost ~45 lbs & have managed to keep it off for many years. I can honestly say I have found my happy weight & my happy place. Because of my experience with that struggle & an understanding that many women have the same struggles, I decided to change life lanes & become a Certified Nutrition Coach.

     I now help women who are where I once was: lost & confused around nutrition, holding unrealistic expectations while comparing myself to others, & struggling w/ my mindset & behaviors when it came to trying to lose weight. I’m happy to be building a community where I can connect w/ you & other women around the world, to help you learn how to enjoy your cultural treats while also losing weight & taking better care of yourself.

     I want to help you overcome the struggles I did, without having to go through all the fad diets & wasted time! I don’t claim to be perfect, but I will always show up for my community here & find a way to support you, connect w/ you, & meet you where you are. Truly, I’m so glad you are here in this space with me & I can’t wait to connect with you!


This is a one time event. I generally run a few masterclasses each year, but on different subjects, depending on what I've noticed my clients need. So, if you miss this one, there will be another masterclass in a few months, but not on this subject!

if i miss this one, when is the next one?

do you have a refund policy?

Ma'am... it's free... So no. No refund policy. I DO offer refunds on some of my other services, because that is how confident I feel that if you put in the work- you WILL see your desired results.

i've never done a masterclass... i'm scared

Don't be scared. What you see of me on social media is exactly what you will get of me in a masterclass: a girl that enjoys teaching on a topic she's passionate about, a girl with a shit memory, that writes down EV-ER-Y-THING! And a girl who promises you will leave with some laughs and some knowledge that you didn't have before!

i'm traveling, what happens if i miss the masterclass?

I'll have a live bonus available only for those that show up to the masterclass in person, so... it's def to your benefit to show up. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about what I've covered. I never require anyone to turn their camera on for my classes, so you can literally call in and listen through your headphones... wherever in the world you are.

is there a limit on how many people can join?

Not for this one. The more the merrier, which will make it even more interactive. This gives me an opportunity to answer an array of questions that will be helpful for everyone that attends.

how do i know this will work for me?

I've taught workshops that have had major positive impact to a little over 500 women. Feel free to read some reviews of what it's like to learn from me here...

will i have to make separate food from my family?

No. I will be teaching you how to make your plate differently from the rest of the family, but you will still be eating the same food. Your plate may have more protein, more vegetables and slightly less rice, depending on your goals. I will inevitably teach you some strategies to make the food healthier but still delicious, which will benefit the entire family. But no, you will still be eating the same, real food, that your family eats. 

when is the last day to register for this masterclass?

Registration closes on Saturday, July 1st, at midnight. I will send out the zoom recording link on Sunday morning early.


Have questions still? No problem. Shoot me an email HERE or DM me on Instagram!

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