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COURSE DATES: JANUARY 15th-21st, 2023

One of the things I hear often is that you want to learn how to STOP eating crappy foods, stop making poor choices and overall: how to be CONSISTENT with your eating. Some of you have an idea of WHAT you need to do, but you struggle to make these actions daily HABITS, and constantly fall off the wagon.

I felt compelled to create this FREE course because I want to help you practice habits that will actually stick and jump start your weight loss journey, so you can stop "starting over" every 2 weeks.

Join this course to learn the healthy habits that will really move the needle so you can:

- stop starting over every 2 weeks

- jump start your weight loss journey for 2023

- keep the weight off FOR GOOD this time

- choose satisfying, healthy meals with ease

- build manageable healthy habits that can turn into a true lifestyle change

SATISFIED-U is the ultimate 6 day solution for you to start losing weight while eating satisfying meals!

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The 6 day course starts January 15th, 2023. There will be short 10 minute tutorials released each day of the course, providing support on the principles of SATISFIED-U, techniques to action what you're learning, as well as opportunities for connection and support.

The goal of the
first 3 days will be to teach you about HOW to build a satisfying meal in our live workshop, covering WHY certain foods are more important than others when it comes to satisfaction, and HOW these satisfying meals accelerate your weight loss. A module will be released each morning for you to take action on that day. The next 3 days we will cover your habits and executing anchoring actions on a daily basis, so you can start truly seeing and feeling progress on your journey.

During the 6 day course I will want you to really dive in head first and being curious about YOUR unique habits and YOUR unique roadblocks you've encountered on your weight loss journey previously. We will be uncovering the steps you can take to overcome your personal struggles and outlining how you can conquer this weight loss thing for good.


Sunday 1/15

Intro to CamsMindsetMacros Framework and SATISFIED-U
The Snacking Solution: How Snacking can make or break your weight loss success
LIVE Kick Off Call 10:30 am EST

Monday 1/16

The Power of Protein (Why protein intake is important for fat loss!)

Tuesday 1/17

Daily Dessert (seriously. Erryday)

Wednesday 1/18

Anchoring Actions

Thursday 1/19

Why Water Matters & a look inside CONFIDENT-U
(my 6 week group coaching signature program)
LIVE Call and Questions 10:30 am EST

Friday 1/20

A Salad a Day (How to Build a Satisfying Salad)

see what past course & workshop members are saying:

instructor bio:

Hi, I'm Camille! At various times in life, I struggled to keep the weight off & tried all the fad diets. But after finding the science of macros & the sustainability of flexible dieting, I lost ~45 pounds & have managed to keep it off for many years. I can honestly say I have found my happy weight & my happy place.

I know the struggles that so many of you have, and as a Certified Macro Nutrition Coach, I help women who are where I once was: lost & confused around nutrition, holding unrealistic expectations while comparing myself to others, & struggling w/ my mindset & behaviors when it came to trying to lose weight.

I’m a slightly awkward but VERY cool 38 yr old (do the kids still say cool?🧐) I was born & raised in Jamaica w/ my 2 siblings (I’m

a wash belly- a Jamaican term for the last baby!) I studied in South Florida for many years & travelled all over (I’m an explorer!) before settling in the UAE, where I’ve lived for 6 yrs. I have the sweetest 8 yr old daughter, who you’ll see mentioned as “Shadow”, as she is ever present & loves being included in everything I do!

I’m happy to be building a community where I can connect w/ you & other women around the world, to help you learn how to enjoy your cultural treats while also losing weight & taking better care of yourself. My page is a true reflection of who I am. Some days I show up fancy AF, ready to share! Other days I’m looking a lot more pop-down (Jamaican phrase for…busted?) & just doing the best I can. Same goes for my oft messy, sometimes clean home in the background. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I will always show up for my community here & find a way to support you, connect w/ you, & meet you where you are.

Truly, I’m so glad you are here in this space with me & I can’t wait to connect w/ you.


This is a free course that I run a few times for the year. It will be a great opportunity to get a good idea of what it's like to learn from me and work with me. This course will not run for another 3 months after this Jan 2023 round.

if i miss this one, when is the next one?

do you have a refund policy?

Ma'am... it's free... So no. No refund policy. I DO offer refunds on some of my other services, because that is how confident I feel that if you put in the work- you WILL see your desired results.

i've never done a nutrition course... i'm scared

Don't be scared. What you see of me on social media is exactly what you will get of me in a course: a girl that enjoys teaching on a topic she's passionate about, a girl with a shit memory, that writes down EV-ER-Y-THING! And a girl who promises you will leave with some laughs and knowledge that you didn't have before that you will easily be able to take action on to immediately start seeing and feelings results!

i'm traveling, what happens if i miss the course?

It is def to your benefit to show up to the 2 live workshops that are a part of this course. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about what I've covered. I never require anyone to turn their camera on for my workshops, so you can literally call in and listen through your headphones... wherever in the world you are. But if you are unable to attend live, the recordings will be shared immediately afterwards.

is there a limit on how many people can join?

Not for this one. The more the merrier, which will make it even more interactive. This gives me an opportunity to answer an array of questions that will be helpful for everyone that attends.

how do i know this will work for me?

I've taught workshops and courses that have had major positive impact to a little over 500 women. Feel free to read some reviews of what it's like to learn from me here...

when is the last day to register for this free course?

Registration closes January 13th at midnight EST, and we start immediately on January 15th, 2023, with our first call at 12:30 pm EST.

Have questions still? No problem. Shoot me an email HERE or DM me on Instagram!

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