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Up-Level your business branding, attract & impact your ideal client

the boutique design studio for the driven female entrepreneur

I help driven female entrepreneurs (especially Nutrition & Fitness coaches!) build a polished, authoritative brand experience through visual branding & strategic backend systems that immediately connect with your ideal client so they are ready to invest in your coaching, service or product.


If you're a brand new coach wanting visuals that set you apart from other online coaches, or a seasoned coach that is finally ready to invest in cohesive branding for your coaching biz, so you can up-level & exude the confidence of a true "big girl business"- I can help you get there.

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our creative solutions


Amplify your brand brilliance with a brand package that is cohesive, confident & authoritative across all your client touch points- with social media templates to match! 


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I build websites that convert lurkers into clients & make sure they look damn good while doing so. I bring your website visions to life efficiently without sacrificing quality- I'm a big fan of clean lines, less confusion, so that your messaging & service transformation can shine.


5 dedicated hours of on demand monthly design support for your business. Need a new landing page for a freebie? A branded email sequence? Updates to your website? This design retainer will give you quick turnarounds to meet your on-demand design needs every month!

instant access

NDL Website redesign (2).png
Build your own logo with this instant access course! I've developed the perfect solution to help you immediately feel more confident sharing about your business, to immediately increase sales & convert lurkers to clients.

take #thebrandquiz to identify gaps in your branding...

Elevate your existing branding with #thebrandquiz! The quiz will help you identify gaps in your branding strategy, uncover hidden opportunities, and help you align your brand with your coaching style and values. This is your first step in creating an authentic brand that has an impact & attracts your ideal client!

you've been doing your reels wrong!

Your Instagram feed should be a resource for your ideal clients to come to and QUICKLY get the information they need. Having legit reels covers is one of the best ways to make sure you're doing this right! Download my FREE Reels cover template to make your reels stand out & IMMEDIATELY connect with your ideal client!
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how I got here...

Hey there! I'm Camille, the Lead Designer and founder at Nutrition.DesignLab. I'm from Jamaica, I love to travel, eat, drink coffee and I've been design obsessed for as long as I can remember. I studied to be a Graphic Designer, then an Architect, then an Urban Designer, and after getting a Bachelor’s Degree & 2 Master’s Degrees in the design world… I decide to be a stay at home mom. And then a freelancer. And then a teacher. And then a Nutrition Coach. And then finally… we arrived here! I realized that my true passion lies in helping badass women entrepreneurs build their businesses through design. So Nutrition.DesignLab was born – the PERFECT culmination of all my passions (oh and my parents are pretty pleased to hear I’m using those degrees again!)


As a graphic designer, architect, and nutrition enthusiast, I bring a unique perspective when I'm working with female entrepreneurs. My mission is to empower female entrepreneurs by creating visually captivating branding & implementing efficient backend systems. I specialize in working with women at 2 different levels of their business journey. For those in the early stages, I'll help you build a brand from scratch, ensuring you start off on the right footing. For experienced, driven entrepreneurs, I'll take care of the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on the bigger picture and growing your business.

I'll design a website for your business that captures your ideal clients attention and converts lurkers into loyal clients. My goal is to free up your time, allowing you to continue growing your business without the stress of worrying about how your landing page looks, or worrying if your emails look like they came from a Big girl business. By leveraging my background in graphic design, architecture, and nutrition coaching, I'll craft a brand and online presence that truly represents you.

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