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I get it. Starting a business without branding that feels good can be overwhelming. It makes it harder to show up on socials and share about your biz... which is what you need to do to build your biz!



I've developed the perfect solution to help you immediately feel more confident sharing about your business, to immediately increase sales & convert lurkers to clients.

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*lifetime access

are you ready to show up more confidently & consistently, and increase your sales with legit branding?

I can't tell you how often I speak with business owners or people who have an idea to start a business, but they are hesitant to share about it because they don't have the right "look" or branding to support it?

They tell me "I have this idea to sell these books for kids when they travel. But when I think about where to sell it, or who to market it to, I get stuck because I don't know how everything should look... so instead I just... do nothing..."

if this is you, the "build your brand" course is exactly what you need!

This self-paced mini course will show you the exact process I use to build out professional, cohesive visual branding! I'll teach you step-by-step how to put together a logo, choose fonts, build a brand cohesive color palette, and how to set it all up for IMMEDIATE use!

Ready to build out your branding? Let's gooooo!

I've built this course because with my almost 18 years of design experience, I've helped 100's of entrepreneurs improve their branding!

here's exactly what you'll learn!

This course walks you through the EXACT framework I use when building out the groundwork in my brand packages, to make authentic, relatable yet professional looking brand visuals, so you can show cohesive online visual branding, skip the imposter syndrome stage and immediately start showing up and sharing your biz online!

  • My process for identifying a brand direction with a mood board & inspiration so you have immediate clarity on what visual strategy you should be using!

  • How to choose font pairings that work & when/where to use them!

  • Building a cohesive color palette so you can stop using every color of the rainbow...

  • Putting all your branding in Canva so it's quickly accessible to use over & over... and over!

  • How to build Social Media Templates that will immediately impact your ability to show on social media.

course breakdown


  • Welcome to Build Your Brand


  • Where to start when building a brand

  • Building a Moodboard

  • Choosing a logo type & building your logo

  • 📎 PDF: Finding & Choosing Fonts

  • Adding your fonts to Canva

  • How to build a Brand Color Palette

  • 📎 PDF: Color Palette Worksheet

  • Color Palette Builder Template

  • BONUS: Building Your Brand Style Guide


  • Building your Canva Brand Kit

  • Branding 101: The Do's & Dont's

  • Building Your Social Media Templates

  • That's it... go do the thing!

past student love!

"Biggest takeaway: The dif. types of logos. I honestly didn't know there were dif categories! I'm currently doing a mood board!"​


- Xannique

"Loved it! Felt like the perfect length! This is the first branding course I've done & I absolutely learned a lot from it! It was great & I'm looking forward to listening to it again!

- Carissa

My expectations were exceeded! The Ebook and branding is SO much better than I imagined & Camille was wonderful to work with! ... Thank you so much! I feel like a true business woman now!

- Gena


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I'm a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur. I've built my online branding business from the ground up, combining my passions and years of expertise and I'm so excited every morning I get to share it and provide value on Instagram!

I'm passionate about helping you build out your visual brand and sharing your business online, because it changed my life. I went from being the primary caregiver to my child, making little to no contributions to my household budget, to being a major contributor and feeling fulfilled, following my passions.

I wake up everyday excited to work because my work is finally something I love. I want the same for you, and this course is the first step in that direction!

I can't wait to see what you build!

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