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Let me show you the true nutritional value of Jamaican/Caribbean food & how to fit it into a sustainable diet.

'Caribbean Food-U' is a 90-minute Webinar where I cut through all the B.S. old wives tales surrounding the most popular Jamaican dishes & clarify HOW you can fit these meals into your day/week without affecting your waistline. I clear the confusion that sometimes comes with eating meals & recipes that have been passed down to us for generations. Like... how many patties are really an appropriate amount to have?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN IF I HAVE 2 PATTIES?! Stuff like that.




The webinar was great info and came at a perfect time for me. I have a trip this week to Jamaica...and I was a bit anxious about being there and wanting to be able to socialize and eat with everyone while not undoing all the hard work I have put it this past 6 weeks. I now feel confident that I can still eat the foods I love and miss while either maintaining or hopefully continue to eat in a deficit.

It was very informative and I’ll be implementing it into my eating habits. You’re an excellent teacher. Thank you 

Just wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for the webinar today. Other than following you on Instagram over the last few months, this was my first time attending one your webinars and I found it really useful and very informative. I’m new to counting Calories and Macros but thought you broke it down carefully and in a very straightforward and genuine manner. The webinar was full of realness, was a great mixture of useful information, great tips on ways to lose weight whilst eating the food I love and encouraged me to recognize that I am now ready to be more accountable for my food choices. Thanks again. Look forward to learning more from you in the future. 

who is this for?

This is for you if you've ever felt confused about how Jamaican foods fit into a healthy & well-rounded diet. If you're someone who has thought you need to go Ital or vegetarian to lose weight or "be healthy". If you're someone who is unsure what meals to choose when you stop at a cook shop or Sugar & Spice to grab a patty for lunch, but don't understand HOW that fits into your food selections for the day. If you're someone who isn't in charge of the cooking at home, so you feel unsure about how you can eat the Jamaican meals while you're trying to lose weight... then this is for you!


You'll know the true content and nutrition in the most popular Jamaican dishes, you'll know how to lighten them up without sacrificing flavors, textures and general JOY! You'll understand how to fit Jamaican meals into day or week, without affecting your waistline and without the general confusion that sometimes comes with eating meals & recipes that have been passed down to us for generations. (Like... how many patties are really an appropriate amount to have?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN IF I HAVE 2 PATTIES?!). Stuff like that.

what you'll get

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1. A recorded webinar where I break down the complicated nutritional value in the most common Jamaican dishes (think Ackee & Saltfish, Yam, Escovietch Fish, Brown Stew Chicken etc.) You will leave with an understanding of what the true nutrition value is in Jamaican/ Caribbean foods, so you can fit these foods into your regular diet without worry and confusion.
(a $90 value)

2. A PDF download of the recipe breakdowns, so you can use the macro information for future cooking & tracking.

(a $50 value)

*value calculated based on comparison cost of group coaching workshops, strategy calls & 1:1 coaching.

We are Caribbean people...

...and we love our food. We love to cook it, we love to talk about it, we love to share it and we damn sure love to EAT IT! We also like looking good & feeling good, especially when swimsuit season is a 365-day thing for us! You've been led to believe that if you keep eating your Jamaican food, you can't look good & feel good, or that you need to cut out everything, go ITAL or vegetarian if you want to see results. 

The truth is: It's possible to have that bikini body AND eat Caribbean food year-round. You just need to know the TRUE nutritional value of our food, and HOW to fit it into your life. 

My family owned & operated a Jamaican restaurant in South Florida for many years while I was in college, I used to spend my summers eating fresh-baked patties straight out of the oven while chatting with the chef & watching him make the Oxtail, Curry Goat, Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas and all the other niceness for the day. At the time I knew ALL the ingredients, but had no clue of their true nutritional value. Once I spent time learning about macros & the true content and value of foods, I was able to make the connection and understand what I was really eating when enjoying traditional Jamaican meals.

Let me help you cut through the nonsense with my rooted-in-reality, straightforward & easy to understand sharing style. I'll show you how to eat your green plantain without worry...

hi, i'm camille

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Cams if we’re close! I’m a slightly awkward but VERY cool 38 year old (do the kids still say cool?) I was born & raised in Jamaica, studied in South Florida for many years & travelled extensively (I’m an explorer!) before settling in the UAE, where I’ve lived for 6+ yrs. 

At various times in life, I struggled to keep the weight off & tried all the fad diets. After finding the science of macros & the sustainability of flexible dieting, I lost ~45 pounds & have managed to keep it off for many years. I can honestly say I have found my happy weight & my happy place.

I now coach women who have similar struggles & help them overcome those struggles so they can find body confidence & maintain their weight eating the food they love!

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