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hi, i'm camille

Cams if we’re close! I’m a slightly awkward but VERY cool 38 year old (do the kids still say cool?) I was born & raised in Jamaica with my 2 older siblings (I’m a wash belly, which is a Jamaican term for the last baby that I don’t fully understand.) I studied in South Florida for many years & travelled all over (I’m an explorer!) before settling in the UAE, where I’ve lived for 7 yrs.


I’ve been happily married for 11 years & we have the sweetest 8 year old daughter, who you’ll see mentioned as “my shadow”, as she is ever present & loves being included in everything I do! At various times in life, I struggled to keep the weight off & tried all the fad diets. But after finding the science of macros & the sustainability of flexible dieting, I lost ~45 pounds & have managed to keep it off for many years. I can honestly say I have found my happy weight & my happy place. Because of my experience with that struggle & an understanding that many women have the same struggles, I decided to change life lanes & become a Certified Nutrition Coach.


I now help women who are where I once was: lost & confused around nutrition, holding unrealistic expectations while comparing myself to others, & struggling w/ my mindset & behaviors when it came to trying to lose weight. I’m happy to be building a community where I can connect w/ you & other women around the world, to help you learn how to enjoy your cultural treats while also losing weight & taking better care of yourself. I want to help you overcome the struggles I did, without having to go through all the fad diets & wasted time !I don’t claim to be perfect, but I will always show up for my community here & find a way to support you, connect w/ you, & meet you where you are. Truly, I’m so glad you are here in this space with me & I can’t wait to connect with you!

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